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Derrick Anthony Marrow

Derrick Anthony Marrow is a muti-genre author born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. 252! 

His forte no matter the genre is storytelling.  He creates great stories with vivid pictures, movies with words is the way he likes to think about his books.  Currently he has three books published with a fourth coming soon and at least three others, two sequels and a new series in various points of development.


Currently there is a middle grade fiction novel with sci-fi elements. A great story your children (and you) will love set in a non-dystopian future. Then there is a book of poetry dealing with the realities of love and life. And a Young Adult/Supernatural/Fantasy Novel.  Links to all his published books can be found in the Book Link above.

Derrick is a family man, a professional, and a coach (football, basketball, baseball).  He is personally active on his social media accounts.  Feel free to reach out, he is just a normal guy.  

He can be found on Facebook at

on Instagram at

on Twitter@D_Anthony_M

and on his Amazon Author Page



My author's blog can be reached here.  It contains preview to my books, and various random thoughts.  Take a look.

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